Westcountry Glass have benefited from a £50k investment into their factory. With this new investment in machinery, factory space and workforce, it will help to meet the new demands which the company is receiving. Westcountry Glass have experienced a growth of approximately 30% in the last 2 years which has come from working very closely with existing customers to meet their needs and help them develop their businesses and from developing new accounts within the South West.

Westcountry already holds some of the state-of-the-art equipment and latest technologies in the factory which facilitates custom-made products ensuring customers’ requirements are met. The new machinery has now aided the assembly of solid spacer bar units so that it is now possible to seal up units on the fully automatic forel unit line. This therefore, speeds up production and enables Westcountry Glass to gas fill in large flood press in the same way as Super Spacer Gas Filling.

This year they have also developed a new despatch hub enabling the branch to deal with the extra volume of Double and Triple Glazed Units manufactured each day as well as adding an 18 tonne delivery vehicle to complement the other two 7.5 tonne and sprinter vehicles, which now enables Westcountry to deliver a higher volume and larger deliveries as well as to residential areas. The investment has enabled the expansion of Westcountry in its product and production line and delivering this to their customers in the South West.