Water Jet Glass Cutting

Our state of the art Waterjet cutter can cut glass into intricate, precise shapes, quickly and economically.

Our Waterjet cutting is perfect for quick cutting of large units, special shapes and bespoke glass projects. Used predominantly for socket cutouts, door hinge cut outs and notching the 3 axis cutter allows cutting of any 2D shape from design or template, onto glass.

The low heat conductivity and brittleness of glass means it is not easy to process and cutting glass with conventional methods comes with significant drawbacks due to relatively low scribing quality (micro-cracks, chipping) and accuracy.

The precise precision of the Water Jet glass cutting allows flexibility and reduced lead times when processing cut glass.

Water Jet Cutting Capabilities

Minimum Thickness 4 mm

Maximum Thickness 19 mm

Maximum Pane Size 3870 mm x 1750 mm

Please note only annealed glass can be processed with he Water Jet Cutter

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