ENDUROSHIELD™ Easy Clean Coating – Protection For All Your Glass. Save time and money — protect your glass AND make cleaning easy!

EnduroShield is an invisible non-stick barrier of protection that chemically bonds to the glass surface – one treatment provides superior resistance against contamination caused by moisture, hard water, all types of dirt, lime scale, salt spray and pollution. It also helps protect against degradation, staining, corrosion and etching.

EnduroShield-treated glass is low maintenance – significantly reducing the frequency of routine cleaning – and much easier to clean – reduces cleaning time by 90% compared to untreated glass. Your glass will stay cleaner, for longer.

And after every clean the glass reverts back to an “as-new” pristine appearance.

EnduroShield comes with a warranty – 10 years on new glass surfaces – so add it as an optional extra on your new glass to ensure your glass remains protected and easy to clean for years to come.

Your glass will stay cleaner for longer between cleans. It is perfect for shower glass, hard to reach sky lights, balconies and balustrades, all windows and facades, sand blasted or satin glass, splash backs and marine glass.

Cleaning is a breeze! An occasional wipe with a damp microfibre cloth and a once-in-a-while wash with mild detergent will keep your glass looking like new!

Harsh or abrasive cleaners are not required & may damage the coating.

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