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Walk On Glass

Made to measure in house, our Laminated Walk on Glass and Walk on Roof Glass is produced to your exact requirements

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We manufacture glass units for roof glass instaltions, to order. Painted edge options are also available.

Double and tripple laminated glass provides a stronger, more structurally safe glass panel, that if broken, holds the glass fragments together making it ideal for any structural glass requirement where maximum light transmition is required. Cornwall Architectural Glass can produce laminated glass panels in sizes up to 6m x 3.2m in a variety of shapes.

Cornwall Glass laminating service provides laminated glass with structural benefits, which can accommodate any aesthetic requirements. We  offer a variety of interlayers, allowing you the freedom to create bespoke designs for yourself or clients.
We are aable to utilise various interlayers including fabrics, metals, marble, coloured interlayers and acoustic layers for noise reduction.

There are a number of glass interlayer solutions, each with unique benefits:

PVB  Interlayer

PVB (polyvinyl butyrain) interlayered glass is a quality architectural and security glass with increased strength for use in commercial and domestic installations.

Uses for PVB Laminated Glass included:

  • Balustrading and balconies
  • IGU’s
  • Shopfronts
  • Floor Glass including pedestrian walkways
  • Walk on Roof Glass
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Antibandit

PVB specifications:

  • 0.4 mm safety glass
  • 0.8 mm security glass required in Document Q standards for windows with pass P1A
  • 1.5 mm  anti bandit glass

Degradation from UV light is significantly reduced with the use of thicker lamination layers. Cornwall Glass can advise on the best made to measure options for any project. PVB laminated glass  is kept as a stock item at our larger locations.

EVA Interlayer

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) interlayered glass  provides flawless, distortion free lamination while ensuring first rate visual quality. This bespoke interlayer reduces the risk of moisture penetration compared to PVB laminated glass.

Uses for EVA laminated Glass include:

  • Floor Glass – including pedestrian walkways and bridges
  • Walk on Roof glass
  • Safety glass
  • Balustrading and blaconies
  • IGU’s


Something completely different; Use our specialist lamination service to design your bespoke interior. If you or your client are looking for something unusual to create a statement or a particular effect then we can help you. As well as our UK leading toughened, lamination products (the biggest available in the UK) we also provide a very special service of unique interlayers.

We can laminate glass with a variety of interlayers to suit your requirements. Interlayers can be cloth, metals, coloured laminate or whole variety of different materials. The applications for these finished inter-layered glasses are endless. Privacy, dining areas, restaurant areas, screens, office partitions and residential, the only limit is your imagination.
Examples of specialist interlayers we can supply are:

PVB or Polyvinyl Butyral resin:
PVB is a plastic resin that clarifies when heated. It can be supplied in a range of colours creating a clear, optically consistent glass interlayer. We use a range of different partners including Vanceva for colouring options.
SentryGlas® for superior strength:
SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayers help create lighter, safer laminated glass; delivering new levels of glass performance and structural integrity. This process is up to five times stronger and 100 times stiffer than standard PVB laminating, delivering greater protection from adverse weather and windstorms, impacts and even blasts. Uses include, floors, glass stairs balustrades and glass canopies.

CIP Interlayer

CIP (Cast in Place) interlayered glass is a skilled lamination process usually carried out by hand. The edges of the glass are tapped to determine the lamination thickness and the resin is then poured or pumped between two panes of glass, spreading evenly, removing any excess air before being  placed under UV light. A faint witness line around the circumference of the glass gives way to glass with exceptional optical quality.

Custom Glass Calculator

Our custom glass calculator has been designed to help you to get a guide price for your bespoke glasswork in seconds. Simply fill in the dimensions of your glass, select your desired thickness and click submit.

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