Sealed Units

IGU’s produced to standard: Double Glazed Sealed Units – BS EN 1279 compliant. Triple Glazed Sealed Units – BS EN 1279 compliant. Made to order, we produce  to individual specification and designs including Oversized and Jumbo IGU’s from 2,000 mm x 2,000 mm upwards.

Cornwall Glass Manufacturing produces some of the largest Insulated Glass Units in the UK

Our bespoke insulating glass units can be produced with a wide variety of finishes in an almost limitless variety of shapes. We can provide IGUs with Low E coatings to reduce heat loss and enable glazed facades to conform and exceed building regulations. With the addition of a solar control coating, the units we produce also act to reduce solar gain. Our IGUs will also minimise, or eliminate the need for an air conditioning system, reducing running costs of the building and saving energy. All our IGUs are available in a variety of glass types depending on your safety and security requirements, and can be combined with other benefits such as noise control.

Sealed Units

  • Low E – emissivity glass
  • Planitherm – Europe’s best selling range of high performance Low E glass
  • Climaguard – a single product low emissivity glass which offers an excellent level of thermal insulation
  • Pilkington K – hard coated, pyrolytic low-emissivity coated thermal glass, well-known and trusted
  • Planibel A – high performance Low E hard coating developed to reach the high ranking on the WER scale
  • Solar Control
  • Guardian Super Neutral – solar control glass combined with Low E and a high light transmission
  • Cool Lite SKN – solar control glass with high light transmittance and excellent solar factor ideal for commercial buildings
  • Arcon A – safety glass products combine the best attributes of safety glass-attractive appearance, function, and increased safety requirements

Solar Control Glass

Solar Control Glass

Architectural design now includes many building using large areas of glass for facades, glass walkways, atria and conservatories. We carry a comprehensive stock range of solar control glass for use in Solar Controlled Sealed Units. These IGU’s help to minimize solar heat gain while allowing high levels of natural light transmission making a comfortable environment for all inhabitants.

Solar control glass can be used in standard and oversized units and conjunction with other processes such as lamination for roof lanterns and floor glass.

For use in commercial and residential installations solar control glass is a major consideration when choosing glass types for any project.

Secondary Glazing

 Secondary Glazing discretely sits inside the existing window unit allowing the original features to remain. A bespoke insulation and external noise reduction alternative for properties where Heritage Range isn’t suitable, secondary glazing allows you create a warm, secure and peaceful environment in small listed homes and large commercial listed and historical properties.

  • Noise Reduction – With well fitted secondary glazing noise reduction can be more effective than standard double glazing, reducing noise pollution by up to 80%
  • Thermal Insulation – The secondary glazing provides an insulation layer of air that can with the right glass reduce heat loss by 65%
  • Security – Security is important for home and business owners alike and secondary glazed units are extremely difficult to open from the outside giving, you peace of mind for a safe and secure property.

Types of Secondary Glazing

Westcountry Heritage Sealed Units

white sliding windows and brick house

West Country Heritage units have been designed and developed at our Plymouth location, purpose built factory in Langage. Offering a modern solution to an old problem; these super slim units provide excellent performance without compromising on appearance.

These Heritage IGU’s have been produced for use in listed and period properties offering an authentic appearance with slim sightlines and narrow unit cavities that will compliment listed properties and historic buildings with restoration and replication requirements.  Heritage, slimfit, double glazed units sympathetically provide the benefits of double glazing to older properties without compromising the aesthetics and are produced to clients exact requirements for supply only and supply and fit (where this service is available).

The table below shows all the variants for the Heritage range. Units are produced to individual design and specification. Heat loss from buildings is measured by a U value and is expressed in W/m2k. The lower the U value the better the insulation provided by the relevant material. As a comparison, the U value for a typical pane of single glazing is 5.8.


Westcountry Heritage Options Air Filled 90% Argon Gas Filled 90% Krypton Gas Filled
4mm Clear/ 4mm Cavity/ 4mm Clear Ug 3.6W/(m2,k) Ug 3.3W/(m2,k) Ug 3.0W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 4mm Cavity/ 4mm Pilkington K Ug 3.2W/(m2,k) Ug 2.7W/(m2,k) Ug 2.0W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 4mm Cavity/ 4mm Planitherm Total Ug 3.0W/(m2,k) Ug 2.6W/(m2,k) Ug 1.9W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 6mm Cavity/ 4mm Clear Ug 3.3W/(m2,k) Ug 3.1W/(m2,k) Ug 2.8W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 6mm Cavity/ 4mm Pilkington K Ug 2.7W/(m2,k) Ug 2.3W/(m2,k) Ug 1.8W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 6mm Cavity/ 4mm Planitherm Total + Ug 2.5W/(m2,k) Ug 2.0W/(m2,k) Ug 1.5W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 8mm Cavity/ 4mm Clear Ug 3.1W/(m2,k) Ug 2.9W/(m2,k) Ug 2.6W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 8mm Cavity/ 4mm Pilkington K Ug 2.3W/(m2,k) Ug 2.0W/(m2,k) Ug 1.5W/(m2,k)
4mm Clear/ 8mm Cavity/ 4mm Planitherm Total + Ug 2.1W/(m2,k) Ug 1.7W/(m2,k) Ug 1.2W/(m2,k)

Walk on Glass Units

Cornwall Glass manufactures stunning made-to-measure walk on glass units. We have the capability to produce some of the largest sizes in the UK. Floor glass is strengthened by triple laminating toughened safety glass enabling you to walk, jump, run or even drive on it.

These glass units not only look spectacular, they also allow more natural light into areas that may be too dark with opaque flooring material. Examples of this are: over-head walkways or a bridge within a building.

We can also offer you a large range of anti-slip glass for your walk on glass units. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your floor glass requirements.

Glass Roof Lights & Canopy Glass

Pyramid Roof Lantern Glass

We can manufacture an enormous variety of roof lights for your project. Roof lights bring light into any space, and will give properties both old and new a refreshing lift in design. Our capabilities mean we can produce your glass roof lights to almost any size, dimension, specification or finish required.

All our roof lights are double or triple glazed keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can choose from various glazing options from clear to tinted glass. We work with you to create the perfect look giving impressive light transformation to offices or homes.

Our product range includes fixed flat, pyramid and contemporary style roof lights which are perfect for letting maximum light flood into any room or dark space. All of our roof lights and canopy glass is made to measure and can have an easy clean coating.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your glass, overhead requirements.

Low Maintenance Cleaning Glass


Innovative surface treatment that can renovate corroded glass to a ‘like new’ appearance for internal and external glass. Through a chemical reaction the treatment becomes part of the glass, providing durable protection, stopping corrosion and making it easier to clean. The treatment provides an anti-microbial surface, which resists the growth of bacteria, viruses & fungi. Ideal for areas in which hygiene is paramount – Hospitals, Dentist & Doctor Surgeries & Schools.

Integral Between Glass Blinds

Integral Between Glass Blinds

Double glazed units with internal blind fittings. These blinds systems offer an open plan feel while providing an ideal solution for any privacy and or shading needs. For use within Office/Commercial, Healthcare, Educational or Residential settings.

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