Toughened Glass

BS EN 12150 & EN 1279 certified compliant toughened glass

Our own brand Chough Tough certified toughened glass is treated so it can withstand greater temperatures, impact and stress.

This process is sometimes referred to as tempered glass.

Toughened glass is a safety glass with increased strength both physically and thermally. Glass that has been toughened is 4 to 5 times stronger than annealed.

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All toughened glass supplied from Cornwall Glass Manufacturing is marked BS EN 12150 compliant.

We toughen from 4mm to 19mm in thickness and up to size 2800 mm x 4200 mm house.

All  toughened Sealed Units are EN1279 compliant.

 Cornwall Glass Manufacturing has three state of the art production plants that ensure all our products are produced with maximum strength. This together with our technical expertise allows us to deliver specialist oversize units for your commercial, trade, architectural and residential projects.

Toughened glass is used in a variety of demanding applications such as rooflights, walk on glass, stairs and balustrading.

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