Clearly Beneficial: Cycle to work scheme

Cornwall Glass & Glazing have introduced a ‘Cycle To Work Scheme’ to its employees with great success. The scheme which is widespread throughout the country has numerous benefits to the employees embarking on their cycle and to our surrounding environment. With Cornwall Glass continually looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint to the environment [...]


Cornwall Experiences Strong Winds Overnight Over night Cornwall have experience exetreme high winds. Not what we were expecting for the month of May! With many towns suffering from power cuts, battered houses from the raising waves and localised flooding, sadly in its path it leaves behind a path of destruction. In the wake of the morning I'm sure (as [...]


Cornwall Glass & Glazing ensures the glass, mirror and glazing in your property dazzles.

Is the glass or glazing in your home letting it down? Giving the glass in your home a little TLC needn’t cost the earth and many repairs or upgrades can be quick, mess and hassle free to undertake but provide stunning results, not only aesthetically but also in terms of energy efficiency and comfort. If [...]


Clearly Superior Career Choice

Cornwall Glass & Glazing Ltd. are delighted to add Matt Prowse to their dedicated sales team. Matt, who joined the company at the young age of 16 as an apprentice has steadily built up his career learning every aspect of the industry. Matt’s extensive knowledge has been crafted through his experience from beginning his career [...]


Utilising Glass In Your Home

When it comes to your home, perfection is nothing less than desired and here at Cornwall Glass & Glazing want to help you achieve this. Whether adding those luxurious extras or designing a complete regeneration, choosing between the numerous options available for you is endless not to mention difficult. Incorporating glass features is fast becoming [...]


Exeter Glass Smashes Into Its New Expansion

Exeter Glass Smashes Into Its New Expansion As Exeter Glass Centre continues to grow, it only seems fit that their premises and showroom see’s a grand make-over. Nearly 8 years ago Exeter Glass Centre opened its doors, breaking further into South-West’s glass and glazing industry. Since then, with Cornwall Glass & Glazing Ltd continually [...]