Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is manufactured by bonding two or more layers of glass together with a special interlayer using a heat and pressure process

Laminated Glass is an ideal glass for applications where safety is required because it is designed to hold together when shattered.

The most significant feature of laminated glass is its safety and security. If the glass fractures on impact, the fragments will remain bonded, minimising the risk of injury from flying glass, and maintaining a protective barrier. We produce laminated products that are quality tested to BSI standards and beyond.

We can supply specialist laminated glass with a wide range of interlayers to help you create totally unique glass features such as walk on glass, partitions, balustrading and architectural features.

There are many more benefits to our laminated products. Reduction of noise transmission due to its enhanced acoustic properties. UV protection laminated glass prevents fading and discoloration of interior furnishings. Our products can also offer some Solar Protection as the solar energy can be controlled by introducing tinted or coated glass or interlayers. Laminated glass is an ideal product for use in overhead glazing, walkways and safety glass.

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