Heat Strengthened Glass

A specialist process to increase the mechanical and thermal strength of glass making it twice as tough as annealed glass.

The strengthening process increases the mechanical and thermal strength of the glass, making it twice as tough as annealed glass.

The glass is heated to a uniform temperature of approximately 650 °C to 700 °C in our Efco furnace. Ceramic rollers move the glass through the furnace at a regulated speed to ensure temperature uniformity and minimal distortion.

The process is similar to the traditional process of glass tempering, but the cooling cycle is less rapid.

However, the heating temperature remains the same for both processes.

Due to the relatively lower rate of cooling during the heat strengthening process, heat strengthened glass develops less stress as compared to fully tempered glass.

Toughening & strengthening specifications:
Efco Furnace Convection 4,500 mm x 2,200 mm

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