Cornwall Group nominated for two G21 Awards

The Cornwall Group has been nominated as a finalist in two categories at this year’s G21 Awards, for Best Glass Company and Best Training & Development Initiative of the Year. Operating across three divisions, Cornwall Glass Manufacturing, Cornwall Glass and Glazing and its merchanting business, Mackenzie Glass, we have continued to invest heavily throughout the [...]


Energy surcharge

Industry needs to brace itself for new price increases as wholesale energy costs rocket. 12 energy companies have collapsed so far this year each having struggled to cope with an increase in wholesale gas prices which currently sit 250% higher than they were in January, having seen jumps of as much as 400% this year. [...]


What will the key trends in glass be in 2022?

Cornwall Glass’ Mark Norcliffe gazes into his crystal ball to predict the key trends in IGU supply for 2022.   ‘Calling’ the last 12-18 months, may have been pretty much impossible. COVID-driven disruption to the supply chain came in left of field. While COVID is with us making definitive is perhaps unwise, but we believe [...]