Heritage Units

Westcountry Heritage Units are super slim, sealed glass units, that offer a modern solution to an old problem when it comes to glazing heritage, period and listed buildings. Providing excellent performance without compromising a buildings appearance.

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These super slim units provide excellent performance without
compromising on appearance and are the ideal solution for Heritage, Period and Listed properties.

Heritage units are measured from inside edge to inside edge and are available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm depths. For comparison standard IGU’s usually measure 16mm or 20mm depth.

Produced to order with an authentic appearance, slim sightlines
and narrow unit cavities, Westcountry Heritage Insulated Glass Units will
compliment listed properties and historic buildings with restoration
and replication requirements.

Sympathetically providing the benefits of double glazing to older
properties without compromising a buildings aesthetics these units
are produced at our Plymouth location and to each clients
exact requirements for supply only or supply and installation.

Heat loss comparison

The diagram above shows how much heat is lost through windows and doors in a modern day property. The red areas show prior to standard double glazing being installed. The right hand image shows the drastically lower levels of heat loss. Heritage and Period building will experience similar heat loss and installation of our Heritage Units expertly fitted in traditional, crafted wooden frames can have similar impact on heat loss.

Heat loss from any building is measured in by a U value and is expressed in W/m”k. The lower the U value the better the insulation provided by the relevant material. As a comparison, the U value for a typical pane of single glazing is 5.8W/(m2k)

The table below shows the some of the variations available within our Heritage units.

Heat loss from buildings is measured by U value and is expressed in W/mk2k.

The lower the U value the  better the  insulation provided by the relevant material.

For comparison, the U value for a typical pane of single glazing is 5.8W(m2k)

Heritage Unit U Value Table

Spacer bars are an integral part of our Heritage units. They separate the two panes of glass and because we use Warm Edge spacer bars, condensation is virtually eliminated. All our Heritage units are available with Black or White Spacer bars.

All our Heritage units are available with Black or White Spacer bars.

Location, location, location –

The location of your property will determine which combination of glass types will provide the best benefits to your property. Our expert team are on hand to advise on the best Heritage Units for your property’s location.

Combinations include:

  • Laminated 4.4mm – Interlayer between two sheets of glass. Benefits; Reduce UV rays, noise reduction, burglar deterrent
  • Restoration Glass – Sympathetically reproduced glass period glass that compliments the ascetics of older buildings Benefits; Increased insulation in older properties.
  • Solar Control Glass – Helps to keep the building cool in warmer weather, whist still maintaining a very low U value. Benefits; Helps prevent the greenhouse effect while maintaining good insulation properties.
  • Low E Glass – This is a heat retention glass which helps reduce heat loss through the double glazing. Up to 73% of the suns heat will pass through the glass -Planitherm Total Plus. Benefits; Good light transmission and heat gain while maintaining a reduced level of heat loss.

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