We see many questions asked about toughened glass, what is toughened glass? Can toughened glass be cut? Methods of how people managed to cut it etc. So this is to help answer any of your questions.

The glass is toughened after the final size, drilling, bevelling is complete and finished on the piece of glass. The glass then goes through the toughening process, which is where the glass is subjected to treatments of heating and cooling. This process then makes the glass up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass which is the same thickness but just not toughened.

Even though the glass is toughened it still can break under extreme stress and impacts, however when toughened glass smashes, it shatters into small, blunt pieces of glass therefore reducing the risk of injuries. Toughened glass can also be heat soaked tested; this adds extra confidence for yourself in the glass you are purchasing.

Cornwall Glass & Glazing Ltd manufacture EN 12150 compliant toughened glass and we are also able heat soak test toughened glass in our factories.

Once glass is toughened it is in no way possible to cut or drill. These processes have to be done before the toughening process. Any suggestions in ways how to get around cutting toughened glass and suggesting that you can cut are incorrect and attempting their suggestions could result in harming yourself!

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