The Cornwall Glass & Glazing Group have extended their glass network and are proud to announce the recent acquisition of Opaletch, the decorative glass company. Opaletch produces sophisticated glass in which the designs are both innovative and contemporary.

Opaletch designs are etched into the glass by acid, where by using this process gives the glass a greater variety of detailed patterns along with a varying transparency levels and diffusion of light giving truly creative pieces of glass. The glass can be applied to both the living and working environment in internal and external applications, from kitchen splashbacks and bathroom shower screens to room partitions and glazed units. With 12 innovative, elegant and engaging designs, they can help you achieve desired themes and atmospheres in a room and building. Opaletch takes glass beyond the ordinary.

The decorative glass which uses specialist processing techniques and designs are now manufactured at the groups Highbridge branch, M5 Glass Centre, in Somerset. This range of glass furthers the extensive stock holding of glass and mirror at the Cornwall Glass & Glazing Group and this new acquisition takes the group to exciting new levels of glass processing and design. Opaletch is distributed among our 15 branches through the South West as well nationally with other independent distributers, or you can order online at