Keith Hartshorn, Sales Representative at Exeter & Mackenzie Glass Centres has made an incredible contribution to Exeter Hospice through fund raising. In 12 weeks, Keith undertook a sponsored slim with his daughter Sonya and lost a brilliant 30 pounds. Alongside this tremendous success, Keith so far, has raised a remarkable £4,500 for the Hospice.

Keith’s charitable achievements have been inspired by his late wife, Ann, who passed away at Christmas last year. During her time spent at Exeter Hospice, the relationships she built while there gave Ann the security and safety she needed and from this bought about the drive to fund raise for the Hospice. The idea of the sponsored slim came from Keith’s daughter Sonya, reminding Keith of Ann’s wishes. Keith commented that ‘Ann was always nagging me to lose weight and 12 weeks down the road I have lost 30 pounds!’

Along this charitable path, the Cornwall Glass Group have been very proud to support Keith in his on-going efforts, Keith added ‘that Cornwall Glass have been absolutely brilliant and helped me all the way back to work and leading a normal life, now people who know me will say I have never been more normal!’

All of the Cornwall Glass Group sends their congratulations to Keith for his achievements!