M5 Glass Centre has extended their comprehensive portfolio of products, by adding Fire Rated Insulating Glass Units to their range. The new production of fire units will be available throughout the 15 glass centres within the Cornwall Glass Group.

After thorough testing with Pilkington’s and engaging with their external production auditors, to ensure the correct standards of production were being followed, M5 Glass has begun production of the units, which will be fully supported by Pilkington’s test data.

Pilkington’s Pyrodur and Pyrostop are the two core components of fire resistant units being manufactured at M5 Glass. This glass fulfils the requirements set from building regulations and authorities as well as meeting international fire test standards too. Pyrodur offers a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke and reduces the transfer of radiant heat to approximately 10% after 30 minutes. Its ideal use is in doors and glazed glass screens. Pyrostop achieves full thermal insulation with approximately 2% of heat transferring after 30 minutes. The glass offers the maximum level of protection, where the glass is designed for emergency exits, stairwells, floors and roofs. Both internal and external grade fire units are available.

Simon Hares, M5 Glass Centre Manager Quoted:
“The addition of Fire Glass IGU manufacturing complements our already extensive product offering here at M5. The audit process helped as a lot of the procedures and practices required to gain certification were already in place, due to M5 Glass Centre already having both a domestic unit line as well as an oversize commercial unit line in full time production, offering a silicone seal unit too.
Pilkington Pyro products are a long standing and high performing glass range recognised worldwide. For M5 Glass Centre to be a Pilkington Pyro Partner and receive Certification for Full time Fire IGU manufacture is a real coup for the branch, testament to the quality of products produced and the hard work of all the team here in Highbridge.”

For any enquiries regarding fire rated insulating units please contact the team at M5 Glass Centre on 01278 781500.