Four members of the Cornwall Glass Group came together to smash through the gruelling 12 mile obstacle course, Tough Mudder in Wales this weekend. Team members, Ryan Witham, Matthew Prowse, Roisin Grogan and Emily Gunning completed the course in 3 hours, where sheer team work, support and determination gave the team the strength to complete the course. The team appropriately named themselves Chough Mudder after the Cornwall Glass toughened glass logo Chough Tough.

The 12mile course consisted of 20 demanding obstacles including; giant tanks of ice and water to dive under, 10metre walls to have a running jump up to, extreme mud miles, gecko wall climbing with a pool of mudded water if you fall and not to mention two sets of electric shocks therapy of 10,000 volts, and these are just to name a few. The team stuck together, helping and supporting each other at every stage of the course and obstacles and cross the finish line together in a brilliant time of 3 hours.

The team consisted of members from the different branches of the Cornwall Glass Group including Cornwall Glass, Westcounty Glass in Saltash and Warminster Glass Centre. The team were supported through their training efforts by the Cornwall Glass Group, further strengthening the network branch and team.


Chough Mudder Team: ‘It has to be one of the most challenging things we’ve ever done, either the ice pool or the electric shocks were probably the worst obstacles but it was definitely worth every bit of pain and mud to see that finish line! It was such a mountain of a challenge, but with our support to each other around the course as well as our colleague back at the branches who have been supporting us from the day we signed up, we feel over whelmed by our achievement.’

The Cornwall Glass Group is proud of the team’s achievement and always enjoys supporting their colleague’s ambitions. The Chough Mudder team are currently seeking their next challenge!