£13,700 was awarded to 14 charities and community groups across Cornwall. The Cornwall Glass Fund, Cornwall Glass & Glazing’s charitable fund, held by the Cornwall Community Foundation, has joined together to grant its 2nd wave of funding.

The grants have been awarded to community and charity projects which specifically focus upon mental health, children and community benefits, all of which can bring a sustainable difference to our county and help support worthy projects.

The Cornwall Glass Fund was set up 5 years ago by Cornwall Glass & Glazing Ltd, where it was the company’s long term ambition to be able to set up a charity, to contribute and support its surrounding community.

The combination of the two waves of grants in the past two years has provided grants to 36 charity and community groups across Cornwall with a total of £31,000 being awarded.

Mark Mitchell – Cornwall Glass & Glazing Managing Director:

‘It is fantastic to see a 2nd wave of grants being processed to local community and charity groups in our community. With the first wave of funding awarded last year positively making a difference, it is great to see another wave of grants, fulfilling our commitment in providing a sustainable fund to Cornwall along with supporting our county, which we have been serving for 35 years.’