Over night Cornwall have experience exetreme high winds. Not what we were expecting for the month of May! With many towns suffering from power cuts, battered houses from the raising waves and localised flooding, sadly in its path it leaves behind a path of destruction. In the wake of the morning I’m sure (as I was one of these people) many woke to dislodged chimmney’s, fallen tree’s and smashed glass whether it be from the garden shed, your greenhouse or your windows.

Its never nice to wake up to this feeling and knowing you have to replace these items, but where do you go to replace them? What exactly do you need to replace? And how much is it going to cost? All these questions and you haven’t even been able to have your breakfast cup of tea or coffee!

You needn’t worry, the Cornwall Glass group have emergency 24hour glazier call out service to board up your windows and smashed glass and replacement service for your glazing, glass and mirrored items! So the only number you need is 01726 66325 or visit www.cornwallglass.co.uk to find your closest branch!