Cornwall Glass & Glazing have introduced a ‘Cycle To Work Scheme’ to its employees with great success. The scheme which is widespread throughout the country has numerous benefits to the employees embarking on their cycle and to our surrounding environment.

With Cornwall Glass continually looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint to the environment and with many employees’ living within close vicinity to our branches, many opted for the healthier option of cycling. Cycling is a great way to keep fit and active; it also helps to contribute to the government’s chief medical officers recommendations of 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Martin Philips, Finance Director ‘We are extremely pleased with the take up on the cycle to work scheme, we wanted to offer our staff this to help promote a healthy work place as well as a healthy living and lifestyle for all. Not to mention the benefit it has to our surrounded environment, it is a positive move.’

The scheme gives employees the opportunity to purchase a brand new bike on a salary-exchange voucher where the cost of the bike is deducted throughout a 12month period otherwise known as a ‘salary sacrifice’ making the cost of biking a lot more affordable not to mention economical for the savings from the price of petrol that will be made each month!

The cycle to work scheme helps contribute to a sustainable future and promotes healthier living and it is clearly beneficial to all.