What’s it all about?

Have you ever spared a thought as to how mirrors sometimes have that beautiful sloping finish around the edges that catches the light so strikingly? Well it’s called a Bevelled Edge and it takes great skill and precision to achieve the gorgeous clean lines and amazing effects we may take a little for granted. The “Chamfer” is a term commonly used in mechanical and manufacturing circles and it is the sloping, angled edge which can be done in a variety of widths from 5mm – 45mm. The Mirror or Glass is adeptly guided through specialist shaper or beveller tool, to create the chamfer edge. This technical skill takes months to of training to perfect and is a real craft. Cornwall Glass are fortunate to have an extremely skilled Beveller Nathan who is currently training our apprentice Josh to master his craft.

What is it used on?

The possibilities are endless! Bevelled edges can be used on Mirrors and Glass for subtle or highly decorative effects. They can be applied to any shape including curves and arches. Different effect can be obtained by using different mirror glass, colour tinted, patterned or antique effect mirror glass and can add an extra twist to the end result. Whatever mirror or glass you decide to use the atheistic impact of this effect can be breathtakingly beautiful!


How much will it cost?

As with everything the moirror quality, size shape and the complexity of the bevelling will affect the cost of the finished product. As a guide a good quality 6mm (thickness) Mirror with a standard 25mm Bevel will start from £95 per m2.

Online retailer Dormy House carry a range of vintage style mirrors and UK Glass Centre can make any mirror to your bespoke bevelled requirements.

Vintage belveled edge mirrors

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