With the changing of season, home improvements are hot on the agenda. Whether you are wanting to complete your country kitchen or add a touch of luxury to your living room, our showrooms offer inspiration for all rooms in your home. Our Showrooms across the Cornwall Glass Group have gone through extensive makeovers, utilising our product range to cater for all styles.

Within the past 12 months alone Cornwall Glass have invested heavily in their in-house production factories and glass centre showrooms to extend the product range and demonstrate the possibilities of which glass and mirror can be used for. Our showrooms demonstrate that glass and mirror clearly isn’t boring! Ensuring that the group is at the forefront of technology and changing trends as well as continuing to invest in its employee’s knowledge and skills, it enables Cornwall Glass to meet the specific needs from their customers.

Whether you want to invest in the latest energy saving double glazing to keep your heat in over winter, installing a colour glass splashback to your kitchen as an alternative to the usual kitchen tiles or adding a mirror to maximise your room in both style as well as the illusion of more space, our experienced and friendly staff can help you achieve your desired look.

Autum/Winter 2013 Key Trend Showcase: Luxe Mirrors add understated glamour to a room, whether it is vintage, classic, modern or quirky our extensive Mirror Showroom at Truro Glass Centre offers a vast selection of all types of mirror, so you can be sure to find one that reflects your room perfectly. Or why not design a mirror yourself, we are able to cut and shape nearly all designs of mirror and with an extended range of colour tinted mirrors, you can create a mirror completely bespoke.
Truro Mirror Showroom 2

Truro Mirror Showroom