It has always been Cornwall Glass and Glazing’s (CGG) long-term ambition to create a charitable fund in order to support its surrounding community and the company alone,
through it’s own named fund, has invested an astounding £45,000 in community
projects across Cornwall.

However, by being a member of the Cornwall 100 Club (C100), which is the business arm of the Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF), CGG have been part of a campaign worth more than £200 000, all invested into the communities of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly with projects ranging from setting up a memory stimulation café and improving a pre-school, to supporting a local scout group and a Mentoring Active Craft Project, all of which were made possible this year.

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The CCF is a grant awarding charity that supports volunteer-led, grassroots community groups making a positive impact in their area. Many companies want to support their local communities but often lack the time, staff or expertise to handle the many charitable appeals that they receive. The CCF provides both practical and advisory support needed to achieve this. The C100 is comprised of like-minded businesses, which along with taking
corporate social responsibility seriously, aspire to invest in community projects such
as developing communal spaces, providing activities to bring people together as well as
supporting local, charitable organisations helping children and young people.

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Wild Young Parents Messy Play

Company Chairman of CGG, Mark Mitchell encourages other businesses to follow
in the C100’s footsteps and said, “It is often commented that it is trickier to give
money away intelligently than to earn it. Collaborating with other businesses within
the C100 is a very easy, credible and satisfying way of ensuring the combined and significant monies granted are well directed”. CGG’s own Cornwall Glass fund places
focus on projects with children, people with mental illnesses and people suffering from
domestic violence. The company remains an active and willing member of C100 and
Mark encourages like minded businesses and individuals to see the difference this can
make to their philanthropic giving.

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With thanks to Cornwall Living for their input with this article