The People Behind the Glass In Plymouth Trade Counter working with…Dartmoor Zoological Park

November 2018

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

A cold and misty afternoon in November didn’t dampen the infectious and un-bounding enthusiasm of the team at Dartmoor Zoological Park (DZP) near Plymouth. Lisa Tatam our Plymouth Trade Counter manager arrived not knowing quite what to expect after offering to support the zoo with some double glazed units for the refurbishment of the Common Marmoset monkey enclosure.

Lisa was welcomed with a warming hot chocolate and introductions to Tim – Head of Maintenance, Tom – Mammal Keeper, Clare – Marketing and DZP owner Benjamin Mee.

Ben bought Dartmoor Zoo back in 2006 and his documentation of the journey became a published book which in turn inspired the Hollywood film “We Bought a Zoo” staring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, in 2011. Now a registered charity the Zoo continues to develop its conservation through animal cognition research to improve captive animal management throughout Zoos and Aquariums in the UK.

“Our work is about regenerating people too. We use the zoo to encourage, volunteering, training and education, from pre-school to postgraduate and beyond” says Ben who is no stranger to personal struggle. Ben regularly gives motivational talks to organisations, inspiring people to never give up no matter what life throws at you.

The Zoo offers support to its community with ex-service personnel and those suffering from mental health issues regularly attending animal, ground keeping and research duties across the 13 acre site.

Dartmoor Zoo Monkey House

The Old Reptile House at DZP has been undergoing changes to accommodate

more Marmoset Monkeys like Marmalade, pictured below.

Marmalade the Marmoset

The new monkey enclosure will offer an enriched environment for the Marmoset monkeys to thrive in. Previously a reptile house the roof has been removed and new wooden struts put in place ready to be draped in a monkey proof net. Marmalade the current resident Marmoset will be joined by more of her species when the enclosure refit is completed hopefully in early 2019. The glass units will provide light, insulation and protection for the little inhabitants who although relatively hardy will enjoy the benefits of a cosy covered house alongside their open area. It is hoped that the move into the newly renovated enclosure will provide the monkeys with an enhanced environment in which they can be happy and thrive. The bespoke units will be made using Laminated Glass for extra safety and security.

The genuine, gratitude of the team is undeniable and their commitment unquestionable. Lisa said she was “delighted to be able to offer support to such a well-rounded organisation. It’s a perfect fit for the philanthropic core of our company and I look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with this amazing place. We are also looking to use glass throughout the zoo which would otherwise be scrapped for recycling due to our client rejecting it for perhaps a small scratch. It’s a win for us all and I am delighted to be part of it.” She continues “I’m also looking forward to coming back to see the completed monkey house in the spring!”

Dartmoor Zoo is home to Mammals including; large cats, wolves and monkeys, birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is open to the public 364 days a year.

April 2019

Time fly’s and a beautiful spring day welcomes our Plymouth Trade Counter colleagues, Ian and Steve  as they prepare to install the bespoke double glazed units for the Monkey House refurbishment at DZP.

Cornwall Glass is passionate about community spirit and giving back to the people around them. For the past 3 years the company has run a scheme for all colleagues who wish to participate. Employees can volunteer for their chosen charity for up to two days a year and that’s exactly what Ian and Steve chose to do making the most of their glazing expertise to fit the units and going the extra mile to fit the monkey proof netting across the roof of the enclosure.

Head of maintenance Tim and DZP owner Ben were on hand too, though they admitted they were better with the animals than they were with glass!

Feeding the monkey 1   Feeding the monkey 2

Plymouth TC branch manager Lisa and new branch apprentice Matt also popped in and all were treated to a tour of the zoo. Posing for photos along the way and getting photo bombed by a Lioness.

Lisa relished the experience of feeding resident Marmoset Monkey, Marmalade, who will soon be joined by more little monkeys enriching her time at the zoo and who knows maybe even the patter of little monkey feet might become a reality in the near future?

DZP: “We are so grateful for the hard work and generosity from the team at Cornwall Glass” Facebook Post

Facebook Post

Fitting the Glass Units into the Monkey House:

Fitting Glass Fitting the Glass 

Below, Left to right: DZP Founder Benjamin Mee, Ben, Tim ( DZP Maintenance), Lisa (Cornwall Glass Plymouth TC) and Mat (CG Apprentice) look around the inside of the Monkey enclosure.

Benjamin Mee Looking around Inside the Monkey House

Glass and netting fitted the refurbished monkey house is ready for its new inhabitants.

Fitting the net Fitting the net Job done

If you would like to make a donation to the Mini Monkey Enclosure or Dartmoor Zoo. Please feel free to give what you can it is always very gratefully received.

You can donate HERE