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Double and Triple Glazed Units

If you are looking for new or replacement Double or Triple Glazed units we can recommend, supply and fit the best type of glazing for your home and your budget

Double Glazed Units (DGU’s) are made from two pieces of our top quality float glass (not toughened), cut to the required size and sealed around an internal frame called the spacer bar.

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The spacer bar contains silica balls which are designed to soak up any moisture within the two panes of glass. When the silica becomes saturated over a long period of time the glass starts to look misty or foggy with condensation. This problem can be fixed quickly and easily with a replacement glass unit.

We know that your windows come in all shapes and sizes, so do our glass units. With a choice of innovative glass from standard float to solar control, thermal and acoustic units we are always on hand to help you decide on the best option for your property.

We are a FENSA registered company. You can find your nearest window installer here.
Our large range of stock glass means our skilled glazing teams are able to repair single pane window glass with traditional putty glazing.

Standard DGU

These are made from two panes float glass sealed around a spacer bar. The cavity between the glass can is filled with air which aids insulation and noise reduction qualities.

Please feel free to ask us about our Standard DGU’s

Thermal Insulated DGU

Low Emissivity Glass or Low E Glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating which reflects heat.  This Low E coating enables the internal glass of the DGU to reflex warmth back into the room; a bit like an invisible wall, potentially saving you money on ever increasing energy bills. Using Low E glass with Argon Gas Filled units will also increase the efficiency of your window glass.

Please feel free to ask us about the best Thermal DGU’s for your property.

Solar Control DGU

This glass has been developed to allow the light from the sun to pass through the glass while reflecting and radiating a high percentage of the sun’s heat. Thus allowing the internal space of your home to remain light but feel much cooler than it would normally under the same conditions without solar control glass.
Perhaps to give the best example would be to imagine standing in a green house on a hot day. We all know how uncomfortable that can feel, hot sweaty and bright! Then imagine standing in the same green house on the same day experiencing the benefit from all the daylight, while feeling comfortable at an ambient temperature. That is what solar glass is capable of achieving in your home. It lends it’s self for use in south facing windows and in conservatories too.
Used in conjunction with our Low E glass and Argon gas filled units the efficiency of these windows is much higher keeping your energy bills even lower.

Please feel free to ask us about the best Solar Control DGU’s for your property.

Low Clean Glass DGU

During the manufacturing process a specially formulated cleaning coating is applied to the glass. This coating is fused to the glass and so becomes integral, meaning the cleaning properties applied will last the lifetime of the glass. There is no tint from this coating in fact you won’t even know it’s there until you see glass without it! It works by breaking down external detritus such as sea salt, pollution particles, bird fouling and tree sap on external glass that is exposed to sunlight and rain. Windows, patio doors, conservatories, balconies, overhead canopy glass and even boat window glass can benefit from this low clean product. It really comes into its own when used in those hard to reach areas, meaning less hassle and more time for you to enjoy the view from clean windows.

Please feel free to ask about the best Easy Clean Glass for your property.

Acoustic DGU

As the name suggests Acoustic Glass Units are glass units that can considerably reduce noise pollution internally and externally for an improved living or working environment. It lends itself to be used in areas of high sound pollution such as busy roads, air traffic ways, factory and nightclub noise. It also reduces the sometimes deafening sound of rain falling in overhead applications. The acoustic properties are achieved by sandwiching a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) between two sheets of glass. This interlayer know as laminating gives the glass a higher density meaning it is hard for sound to travel through it. The laminated glass is used to produce DGU’s with optimum acoustic properties. Please feel free to ask about our range of acoustic glass. We will be able to advise which of our multifunctional glazing products; Thermal, Solar, low Clean and Decorative would be suitable for you.

Please feel free to ask us about the best glazing product for your your property.

DGU Aesthetic Options

There are many choices when it comes to deciding which style to have:
Georgian – Giving the appearance of traditional Georgian windows these units have internal decorative bars which gives the illusion of a multi planed window unit.
Duplex – This style of window unit simulates traditional multi-pane Georgian style windows using internal spacer bars and external beading.
Leaded – Traditional leaded work commissions can be undertaken as well as repair and restoration works. Our skilled craftsmen have extensive experience in this time old glazing medium.
Colour Film overlay with Lead – Giving the appearance of traditional leaded stained glass our talented craftsmen are able to produce stunning landscape, animal, flower work, the list goes on. We can produce images to almost any design to incorporate into a window or door. Our stained glass craftsmen can transform a simple piece of glass into a work of art using colour film which is laid over the glass to produce beautiful images that will dance in the sunlight and are sure to brighten even the dullest day.
Bevelled Glass Designs – From a stock of designs available these bevelled edge images can be UV bonded to your window or door adding interest and a touch of colour. Traditionally used in bay window units to add interest to the top row of windows.

Custom Glass Calculator

Our custom glass calculator has been designed to help you to get a guide price for your bespoke glasswork in seconds. Simply fill in the dimensions of your glass, select your desired thickness and click submit.

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