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ClearShield Eco-System™ is a durable liquid which is applied to the glass surface and is a proven treatment for “non-stick” application that makes it much easier to clean and keep clean.

The resin resists attacks from moisture, alkalinity and dirt while maintaining the original visibility and clarity of the glass. It can be applied to internal and external glass surfaces for resistance against organic; exhaust fumes, bird droppings, tree sap and inorganic; hard water deposits, building run off and metal oxides. Proven by the UK Public Health Laboratory to hinder bacterial growth, ensuring the highest hygiene standards are maintained, ClearSheild® lends it’s self for application in hospitals, dentists, doctor surgeries and schools.

ClearShield® can also be used in conjunction with other glass applications and offers itself to processors, fabricators, installers and end users alike.

Ritec ClearShield® has been developed through field experience with ongoing periodic improvements which guarantees performance, added value and profit to each company applying the ‘new and proven’ ClearShield Eco-System™ either in our factories or on-site.
External Glass Applications include: Glass windows and doors, building facades, balconies and balustrades, Clearshield and boat screens, glass roofs and canopies, conservatories

Internal Glass Applications include: Shower and bath screens and enclosures, glass splashbacks, mirrors, internal partitioning, balustrades and mezzanine glass, medical installations and schools.

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