Toughened Glass

Due to our toughening plant, we are only able to toughen glass sized between 200mm and 2700mm.  Please note only glass can be toughened, and not mirrored surfaces.


Ceramic Glass

Please note that our stock sheets for ceramic stove/woodburner glass are only 1100 x 2000. Please do not order anything larger than these measurements as we will not be able to fulfill your request.  



The basic shape for the measurements you input will appear as you calculation is made. Please note some shapes only require the overall height and width to give your calculation. We will ask for further measurements should you wish to proceed to order.


Radius Corners

This is the degree of roundness on the corners of the glass. We only require the number of radius corners needed and not the sizes in order to calculate your glass. We will ask for confirmation of radius measurements if you wish to proceed to order.


Drilled Holes

We will require the number of holes to be drilled when calculating. Band widths are; 4mm – 12mm, 13mm – 70mm. Anything over 70mm is classed as a Circular Cut Out. We will ask for confirmation of your hole measurements if you wish to proceed to order.


Rectangular and Circular Cut Outs

Rectangular cut outs allow you to fit your glass around items such as plug sockets. Whether you have a double or single socket, or require a cat flap we will always try to meet your requirements. Due to the nature of the product, any cut out too close to the edge of the glass or [...]



This feature allows you to select how you want to use your glass/mirror design. Patterned Glass - available in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. All toughened (all patterns have picture displays when selected). Patterned Glass is perfect for shower screens, room dividers, shelving, splashbacks and work tops. Splashbacks - all splashbacks glass comes in 6mm low [...]


Patterned Glass

There are two types of patterned glass available on our custom calculator. If you require any other style of patterned glass; Pilkington Oriel or Barron Glass range, please do get in touch and we will price upon request. Textured Glass - a classic raised patterned glass, available in 18 different styles. OpalEtch Glass - a [...]


Glass Shower Screens

If you are purchasing a shower screen, we normally recommend 10mm toughened glass, as this has the widest variety of fixings (hinges, handles, joining bars etc). Please note that we do not stock fixings for shower screens but will order upon request. If you require us to source fixings for shower screens, please contact your [...]